LIBPF® Development Linux Installation manual

This is the installation manual for LIBPF® (LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting) development version 1.1 on Linux operating systems, for the model developer or for the LIBPF® core developer who want to prepare a Linux machine for LIBPF® development.

LIBPF® development is preferably done on Debian 11 (bullseye) or Ubuntu 21.04 (hirsute hippo). It should be possible to get it to work also on older Debian version (10 buster or 9 stretch), or another up-to-date Linux distribution, by adapting the instructions below.

Before starting, follow the instructions HOWTO setup a LIBPF® kernel for Linux so that you have the runtime prerequisites, the database and the activated license.

Mandatory requirements

Install the mandatory requirements:

sudo apt install meson pkg-config swig python3-dev git

then install the C++ compiler, either gcc:

sudo apt install g++

or clang:

sudo apt install clang

Optional requirements

If you need to generate documentation, debug and test coverage:

sudo apt install lcov valgrind doxygen graphviz gdb

If you plan to run the Python / RESTful API:

sudo apt install python3-bottle python3-jsonschema python3-cherrypy3

For UI development you’ll need Qt version 5:

sudo apt install libqt5xml5 libqt5svg5-dev libqt5xmlpatterns5-dev libqt5sql5-psql qttools5-dev-tools make

Finally if you plan to create Debian packages:

sudo apt install lintian debhelper chrpath