LIBPF® Linux Installation manual

This document is the installation manual for LIBPF® (LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting) models version 1.1 on desktop and laptop computers running a Linux operating system.

It addresses model users: people who want to install the user interface (UIPF) to interact with models developed by others.

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The following has been tested on Debian 12 (bookworm) and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish). It should be possible to get it to work also on older Debian version (11 bullseye or 10 buster), or another up-to-date Linux distribution, by adapting the instructions below.

You should have received or downloaded three Debian packages (.deb):


Install postgresql package then all three Debian packages at once with the command:

cd Downloads
sudo apt install postgresql
sudo apt install ./libpf-runtime_1.1.232_amd64.deb ./libpf-ui_1.1.232_amd64.deb ./libpf-kernel-cogeneration_1.1.232_amd64.deb

Alternatively, you can install them one-by one in this order:

cd Downloads
sudo apt install postgresql
sudo apt install ./libpf-runtime_1.1.232_amd64.deb
sudo apt install ./libpf-ui_1.1.232_amd64.deb
sudo apt install ./libpf-kernel-cogeneration_1.1.232_amd64.deb

You can also install them one-by-one interactively by double-clicking one at a time - but you have to install them in the same order.

If you install more than one calculation kernel, the last one will be set as default. You can override this setting on a user basis using the Select kernel command in the settings menu of the LIBPF® user interface; see the matching section in the LIBPF® User manual.


To uninstall:

sudo apt remove libpf-runtime libpf-ui libpf-kernel-cogeneration

This will leave behind:

To really clear eveything, replace remove with purge above.