This is the installation manual for LIBPF™ SDK (LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting Software Development Kit) version 1.0 on Linux operating systems, for the model developer who wants to install a LIBPF SDK she received, that has been packaged by a LIBPF core developer.

  1. Install a LIBPF runtime according to this guide: HOWTO setup a LIBPF runtime for Linux; this will install the runtime prerequisites, setup the database and activate your license;

  2. Prepare the development machine according to this guide: HOWTO setup a Linux development machine; this will install the SDK prerequisites;

  3. Perform these steps (tested on Debian Wheezy) to setup the SDK:

    xz -d LIBPF_sdk.tar.xz 
    tar xf LIBPF_sdk.tar
  4. Test the SDK with the built-in demo:

    cd LIBPF_sdk
    cd src
  5. Create a subfolder in LIBPF_sdk to put your own source code, adhering to the Source code directory structure standard, for example:

    cd LIBPF_sdk
    mkdir project123
    mkdir project123/src
    mkdir project123/include
  6. Start coding & have fun !