LIBPF® SDK Linux Installation manual

This is the installation manual for LIBPF® SDK (LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting Software Development Kit) version 1.1 on Linux operating systems, for the model developer who wants to install a LIBPF® SDK she received, that has been packaged by a LIBPF® core developer.


The following has been tested on Debian 11 (bullseye) and Ubuntu 21.04 (hirsute hippo). It should be possible to get it to work also on older Debian version (10 buster or 9 stretch), or another up-to-date Linux distribution, by adapting the instructions below.

You should have received or downloaded two Debian packages (.deb):


  1. Install a LIBPF® kernel according to this guide: HOWTO setup a LIBPF® kernel for Linux; this will install the runtime prerequisites, setup the database and activate your license;

  2. Prepare the development machine according to this guide: HOWTO setup a Linux development machine; this will install the SDK prerequisites.


Install both Debian packages at once with the command:

cd Downloads
sudo apt install libpf-dev_1.1.209_amd64.deb libpf-dev-dbgsym_1.1.209_amd64.deb

Alternatively, you can install them one-by one in this order:

cd Downloads
sudo apt install libpf-dev_1.1.209_amd64.deb
sudo apt install libpf-dev-dbgsym_1.1.209_amd64.deb

You can also install them one-by-one interactively by double-clicking one at a time - but you have to install them in the same order.

Testing the install

  1. Clone a demo project such as the pasteurization demo, build and run it:

    git clone
    cd pasteurization
    meson --buildtype debug /tmp/pasteurization_debug
    meson compile -C /tmp/pasteurization_debug
    /tmp/pasteurization_debug/Qpasteur purge
    /tmp/pasteurization_debug/Qpasteur new
    /tmp/pasteurization_debug/Qpasteur calculate 0

Next steps

  1. Read the LIBPF® SDK Developer manual

  2. Start coding & have fun !