How to access LIBPF® simulation results

Intermediate calculation files

All intermediate files generated during the calculations by the LIBPF® calculation kernel are saved in the working folder, normally the directory pointed at by the home_path configuration variable.

To find out the LIBPF® working folder on Windows:

Tipically it is C:\Users\Myself\AppData\Roaming\LIBPF 1.0.

Graphical respresentation of the flowsheet connectivity

When the calculation kernel is launched to instantiate a new instance of a model, it will output in the working folder a number of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files with numeric names, matching the IDs of the created objects (the model and all its sub-objects, recursively).

SVG files can be visualized with any browset and modified with Inkscape.

The FlowSheet::printDot method from the LIBPF® C++ API:


requests the generation of a graphviz DOT file containing the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) that respresents the flowsheet connectivity.

Using the graphviz dot command this file can be converted to an image format:

dot -Tpng > flowsheet.png

To invoke the dot command on Windows:

  1. Install graphviz

  2. Open a command window (Windows+R, then CMD.EXE)

  3. Tweak the PATH so that the ‘dot.execommand is fouund:set path=%path%; C:\Programmi\ATT\Graphviz\bin`

  4. Make sure the icons used for the basic units cab be found by graphviz: cd C:\Programmi\LIBPF 1.0\UIPF

  5. launch the command: dot -Tsvg C:\Users\Myself\Desktop\ > flowsheet.svg

Spreadsheet results

In the working folder you’ll also find the streamtable.xls Excel file.

This file contains two worksheets: