StreamTwoSolid.h File Reference

Contains the interface to the StreamTwoSolid class. More...


class  StreamTwoSolid< F >
 stream with two fluid phases and one solid use for vapor-liquid solid or liquid-liquid-solid streams More...


typedef StreamTwoSolid< FlashVlTStreamSolidVlT
typedef StreamTwoSolid< FlashVlTxStreamSolidVlTx

Detailed Description

Contains the interface to the StreamTwoSolid class.

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(C) Copyright 2004-2016 Paolo Greppi simevo s.r.l.

Typedef Documentation

three-phase vapor-liquid-solid stream with T-dependent kvli, but independent from composition

  • StreamIdealLiquidSolidVapor

three-phase vapor-liquid-solid stream with with T- and composition-dependent kVLi

  • StreamEosLiquidSolidVapor
  • StreamNrtl1LiquidSolidVapor
  • StreamNrtl2LiquidSolidVapor