LIBPF® supported units of measurements

Physical quantity Units of measurements
acceleration m/s2
amount mol
amount flow kmol/s
amount flow kmol/h
amount flow lbmol/h
amount flow mol/h
amount flow mol/s
amount flow Nm3/h
amount flow Nm3/d
amount flow Nl/min
amount specific electric charge C/kmol
amount specific energy J/kmol
amount specific energy kJ/kmol
amount specific energy BTU/lbmol
amount specific energy kcal/kmol
amount specific entropy J/(kmol*K)
amount specific entropy J/kmol/K
amount specific entropy kJ/kmol/K
angle rad
area m2
area dm2
area ft2
area cm2
area mm2
areic current A/m2
areic current A/dm2
areic current A/ft2
areic current A/cm2
areic current A/mm2
areic current mA/cm2
areic electric resistance ohm*m2
areic electric resistance ohm*cm2
capacitance F
conductance S
current A
density kg/m3
density mg/m3
density g/m3
density lb/ft3
diffusivity m2/s
dynamical viscosity Pa*s
dynamical viscosity cP
dynamical viscosity mPa*s
dynamical viscosity uPa*s
electric charge C
electric potential V
electric potential mV
electric resistance ohm
energy J
energy kJ
energy BTU
energy mmBTU
energy MWh
energy kcal
energy kWh
energy price €/J
energy price €/mmBTU
energy price $/mmBTU
energy price $/J
energy price €/kWh
energy price €/MWh
energy price €/kcal
entropy J/K
entropy power W/K
entropy power BTU/h/°F
flow coefficient kg/m7
force N
frequency Hz
frequency rpm
heat transfer coefficient W/(m2*K)
heat transfer coefficient kcal/(hm2K)
heat transfer coefficient BTU/(hft2F)
heat transfer coefficient W/m2/K
heat transfer resistance m2*K/W
inductance H
inverse of length 1/m
inverse of molecular weight kmol/kg
inverse of molecular weight mol/kg
inverse of temperature 1/K
length m
length in
length ft
length km
length dm
length cm
length mm
length um
length*time m*s
luminous intensity cd
magnetic flux Wb
magnetic flux density T
mass kg
mass mg
mass t
mass lb
mass g
mass flow kg/s
mass flow kg/h
mass flow kg/d
mass flow g/d
mass flow t/h
mass flow t/d
mass flow t/yr
mass flow lb/h
mass per unit work kg/J
mass specific energy J/kg
mass specific energy kcal/kg
mass specific energy BTU/lb
mass specific energy MJ/kg
mass specific energy kJ/g
mass specific energy kJ/kg
mass specific energy m2/s2
mass specific heat capacity J/(kg*K)
mass specific heat capacity kcal/(kg*K)
mass specific heat capacity BTU/lb/°F
mass specific heat capacity kcal/kg/K
mass specific heat capacity J/kg/K
mass specific heat capacity kJ/kg/K
mass specific volume m3/kg
molar concentration kmol/m3
molar concentration mol/m3
molar concentration lbmol/ft3
molar concentration mmol/dm3
molar concentration mol/dm3
molar volume m3/kmol
molecular weight kg/kmol
molecular weight mg/Nm3
molecular weight g/Nm3
molecular weight lb/lbmol
money $
permeance kmol/kg/m
permeance GPU
power W
power BTU/h
power kW
power kcal/s
power kcal/h
power GW
power TW
power mW
power MW
power density W/m2
pressure Pa
pressure MPa
pressure atm
pressure bar
pressure barg
pressure mbar
pressure hPa
pressure kPa
pressure mmHg
pressure Torr
pressure mmH2O
pressure kg/cm2
pressure psi
pressure*molar volume squared Pa*m6/kmol2
resistivity ohm*m
resistivity ohm*cm
second temperature derivative of density kg/(m3*K2)
second temperature derivative of pressure Pa/K2
second temperature derivative of pressure*molar volume squared Pa*m6/kmol2/K2
second temperature derivative of specific heat J/(kg*K3)
surface tension N/m
temperature K
temperature °C
temperature °F
temperature derivative of density kg/(m3*K)
temperature derivative of pressure Pa/K
temperature derivative of pressure*molar volume squared Pa*m6/kmol2/K
temperature derivative of specific heat J/(kg*K2)
temperature squared/pressure K2/Pa
temperature/pressure K/Pa
thermal conductivity W/(m*K)
thermal conductivity W/m/K
thermal resistivity m*K/W
thermal resistivity squared m2*K2/W2
time s
time min
time h
time d
time yr
VdW a Nm4kmol-2
VdW ann N*m4
velocity m/s
volume m3
volume ft3
volume dm3
volume cm3
volume mm3
volume ul
volume ml
volume l
volume bbl
volume flow m3/s
volume flow m3/h
volume flow ft3/h
volume flow l/h
volume specific energy J/m3
volume specific energy kJ/m3
volume specific energy J/l
volume specific energy kWh/m3
volume specific energy kcal/m3
volume specific energy kcal/l
volume specific energy BTU/ft3