Fix slow waking from hibernation (disk suspend) in ubuntu

Waking up from hibernation is dead slow in Kubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04, because it’s using by default the kernel-mode as suspend back-end.

To fix this in two steps:

  1. install userspace software suspend:
sudo apt-get install uswsusp
  1. update the confuguration:
cat > /etc/pm/config.d/config

Note 1: In kubuntu hibernation (suspend to disk) and sleep (suspend to ram) are controlled by default via pm-utils which takes care of unloading modules, restarting services, unmount windows partitions and usb keys, and so on. An alternative application for this purpose is the hibernate script which I haven’t tested. I don’t think it’s required to switch from pm-utils to hibernate to fix this issue.

Note 2: You can also try TuxOnIce i.e. suspend2, an alternative to uswsusp which I haven’t tested either.