RSS feed for AIChE ChEnected

If you are looking for the RSS feed of AIChE ChEnected (the online community of young professional chemical engineers hosted by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers), it is here: /chenected2.rss.

ChEnected has plenty of social connectivity options (at the moment: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Slide Share …) but no official RSS feed.

If you’re a not-so-young professional chemical engineer like me and use RSS aggregation to monitor many news sources, you’ll like this experimental service that scraps hourly the ChEnected homepage and generates a non-official RSS 2.0.1 feed.

Under the hood, it’s a python script which relies on these technologies:

Here is the source of the script:

Disclaimer: we do not alter in any way the contents of ChEnected; we do not claim any rights on their content; we have no responsibility of their content; the service may break in the future; etc etc.