Fuel Cells modeling based on LIBPF®

The LIBPF® FC (Fuel Cell) module is an extension to LIBPF® to support fuel cell and fuel cell system modeling.

The development of this module was supported from Università di Genova's PERT group.

With respect to the core modeling features of LIBPF®, the LIBPF® FC adds:

Modeling Features

Detailed 2D Simulation of the Fuel Cell

Sample solid temperature field for an industrial-size MCFC (Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell):

Ts 2D plot

Supported flow patterns

The flow pattern of the anode and cathode gases can be set easily using a simple symbology, whereby:

the blue color indicates a source is located in the cell
the red color indicates a sink is located in the cell
the arrows indicate the direction of the flow coming out of the cell

An example of cross-flow pattern:


An example of co-cross-flow spiral pattern:


Simulation of fuel cell power generation systems

Static or dynamic simulation of entire fuel cell power generation systems can  be performed with LIBPF®. All key unit operations are modeled, including reactive heat exchangers, compressor, fuel cell; typically with a concentrated parameters approach.

Process Flow Diagram