The LIBPF ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) module is an extension to LIBPF to add desktop and enterprise database connectivity to LIBPF

Supported database engines

  • Microsoft Access (tested with versions 2000 - 2003);
  • Microsoft SQL Server (tested with version Express 2005);
  • Oracle Database (tested with version 10g Express Edition);
  • Mysql 5.0 via iodbc 3.52;
  • posgresql 7.5 to 8.4 via iodbc 3.52;
  • ... any database with an ODBC 3 driver on your platform.


  • Read input data from database
  • Write static results to database
  • Write subset of results to database at any time during a dynamic simulation
  • Initialize simultaneous solution with sequential solution results from database for faster computation
  • Retrieve results from database with third-party applications for custom reports (i.e. stream tables in Excel, historical data output to ERP)