Open source User Interface for LIBPF®

The LIBPF® UI (User Interface) product adds a user friendly interface and enhanced reporting capabilities to LIBPF®.

Source code

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The User Interface to LIBPF® is based on the Qt Cross-Platform Application Framework 5, Open Source Edition.
The current source code to LIBPF® UI version is available at this address on gitlab under an Open Source license (GPL version 2).


The LIBPF® UI module is required if personnel has to interact with the computation server for desktop, off-line use. Potential applications include:


LIBPF® UI is multilingual and speaks 12 languages: Modern Standard Arabic, simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

LIBPF<sup>®</sup> UI 0.8 multilingual animation

The LIBPF® User Interface runs under several operating systems, such as Apple macOS 14.1 or later:

User Interface sreenshot on Apple macOS

Microsoft Windows 10:

LIBPF<sup>®</sup> UI screenshot 3

and Linux:

UIPF Linux screenshot

Through LIBPF® User Interface it is possible to:

The type of manipulations the users can perform and the amount of information they can access can be exactly bounded; non-skilled users can be prevented from manipulating the connectivity or supplying unreasonable inputs (bounds checking); licensees can be prevented from understanding the model details.