LIBPF Model User API Documentation

LIBPF™ (LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting) is a flexible technology to model continuous industrial processes at steady state. For more information please visit the library website.

This is the automatically-generated documentation to the high-level LIBPF™ C++ Model User API, used to manage and use process models who have been previously prepared and deployed by model developers.

This API provides the following objects:

  • Kernel: matches the capabilities of a standalone calculation kernel or service, i.e. knows the list of components and the available model types and enumerators that can be used to instantiate Cases; can instantiate a Case and return a Handle to a case instance; currently only one Kernel object time can be alive at a time, and its lifecycle coincides with the time the executable / scripting session is alive - therefore the Kernel object methods are exposed by the Model User API as global functions
  • Case: an instance of a model type, potentially comprising a hierarchical tree of sub-models; knows about variables, can be calculated, can export results to various (SVG, XML, TXT, HTML, JSON and SQLITE) formats
  • Handle; an opaque pointer to a persistent Case; has a recognizable invalid value used when the operation that should have returned a handle is not successful; is persistent i.e. given an handle, the Case state can be restored.